Wednesday, April 13, 2011


31st March 2011
That is how i felt, BITTERSWEET. Actually, it was our last day at 2nd floor. All of us have to leave the 2nd floor by today because in order to reduce cost and suchs. The operation dept.  moved to Ground floor with the ticketing dept. The PPDS Dept. move to 1st floor with CEO, Marketing Dept, Corporate Dept. And all trainees moved to 3rd floor with Acc. Dept. But we'll be staying at training room which is very small compared to our 2nd floor which is the biggest floor at Sri Sutra. I'm sad of leaving the 2nd floor because i've already felt comfortable with it. And i just love the environment at 2nd floor even there's alot of creepy things happened at 2nd floor before, but i'm happy because i'm not going to sit together with my ass.manager on the same floor. cuz she's annoying. Sorry :) But still she will called us to go to Ground floor to help her out. Tapi lately ni she's changed like A LOT. Baik gila, tk marah marah and friendly. Good for her then. Haha. The whole day memang takde kerja pun. Tolongtolong diorang kemas barang semua bawak pergi tempat diorang. Borakborak, gelakgelak. FUNN :) 6.45 baru balik. Goodbye 2nd Floor :)
With our one and only trainee all the way from GERMANY, Yulia :)
Yea whatever. I know i've gain a few pounds -.-
Anyway, it's me and bapak :)
Yulia, Nadia, Adilla
Adilla, Abg Azad, Yulia, Nadia & Me - Trainees
Ehem Ehem, Guess who? Kak Elene. Assistant Manager at Operation Dept.
With Abg Tam, the coolest one.Tapi ade udang disebalik Mee kan nadia? haha

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