Wednesday, April 13, 2011


31st March 2011
That is how i felt, BITTERSWEET. Actually, it was our last day at 2nd floor. All of us have to leave the 2nd floor by today because in order to reduce cost and suchs. The operation dept.  moved to Ground floor with the ticketing dept. The PPDS Dept. move to 1st floor with CEO, Marketing Dept, Corporate Dept. And all trainees moved to 3rd floor with Acc. Dept. But we'll be staying at training room which is very small compared to our 2nd floor which is the biggest floor at Sri Sutra. I'm sad of leaving the 2nd floor because i've already felt comfortable with it. And i just love the environment at 2nd floor even there's alot of creepy things happened at 2nd floor before, but i'm happy because i'm not going to sit together with my ass.manager on the same floor. cuz she's annoying. Sorry :) But still she will called us to go to Ground floor to help her out. Tapi lately ni she's changed like A LOT. Baik gila, tk marah marah and friendly. Good for her then. Haha. The whole day memang takde kerja pun. Tolongtolong diorang kemas barang semua bawak pergi tempat diorang. Borakborak, gelakgelak. FUNN :) 6.45 baru balik. Goodbye 2nd Floor :)
With our one and only trainee all the way from GERMANY, Yulia :)
Yea whatever. I know i've gain a few pounds -.-
Anyway, it's me and bapak :)
Yulia, Nadia, Adilla
Adilla, Abg Azad, Yulia, Nadia & Me - Trainees
Ehem Ehem, Guess who? Kak Elene. Assistant Manager at Operation Dept.
With Abg Tam, the coolest one.Tapi ade udang disebalik Mee kan nadia? haha


25th March 2011
After awhile we've been waiting for this moment to come, and finally it's really happening!
Karaoke time! haha. Released our tension for GOD sake. This is what happened when you don't really enjoy your working life -.- Frankly speaking, working life sucks BIG time. And i mean it. Maybe i'm not ready yet, whatever. Lepas kerja balik rumah wangiwangi then pukul 9.30 keluar amek diorang (Nadia, Adilla). Keluar lambat sebab nk tgk American Idol. Haha sorry guys. Dah keluar lambat pahampaham la, parking 2-3 kali pusing baru dapat then tunggu giliran almost 30 minutes. Lepas habis mempamerkan bakat masingmasing *Ade bakat ke? Haha
Lepas tu pergi lepak McD titiwangsa till 2.30 am kot. Then balik. Thanks guys for the great night :)

Adilla,Nadia :)
You can see her smiling like there's no tomorrow, but inside. She's crying.
These are the people who are always behind me, to cheer me up, to help me out along my journey during practical and till now. I've met em' since my first year in college. And it was 3 years ago.

Lepak tak ingat dunia.

19th March 2011
Pukul 8 PD picked up then off to WW, as usual. haha. Lepas tu kononkonon nak tengok Merong Mahawangsa. But too bad, sold out -.-
Then tengok cerita I am number four pukul 11.30. Nasib baik cerita dia best :) It's worth RM15 per person 
-.- haha, while waiting till 11.30 pergi makan dekat oldtown next to WW.
After midnight movie we went to McDonald's Taman Melati. Lepas till 4.00 am in the morning. Memang tk ingat dunia. haha.Anyway, i had a great night :) Thanks Adilla, Nadia & Rafidi.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Hello bloggers & viewers :) We meet again. Just wanna share with you guys about "something" :)
8.59 am in the morning while waiting for my friends to go to work at klcc someone text me and said 

I can't stop smiling right after i received that text :) She just made my day. Thank youuuu :D You know who you are :) 

Monday, February 28, 2011

On her BIG day.

Happy Birthday Nazirah :D
Sorry sebab tk dapat nak buat surprise party untuk kau, bagi hadiah mewahmewah macam kau bg aku *ade ke? haha.
Tapi aku hanya mampu mencurahkan kasih sayang ke ladang gandum, boom jadilah coco crunch. *Tibatoba
Ni la die bila plan last minute. Tapi takpe di hari istimewa kau ni, last minit pun boleh jadi hari yang sangat menarik walaupun kau sorang je lelaki hari tuh :P Walaupun sekejap je kita semua dapat huhu haha hihi hehe tapi tetap osom! 2.20 aku dah terpacak depan rumah zuber, dah la tk taw mana 1 rumah die nasib baik jumpa ayah die masa tuh. haha. lepas tu pergi rumah kau la najilah. Kali ni abang zuber jadi driver pulak. Bukan main siap 30 minit. Padahal make-up comot. haha. plus tk mandi pulak tu keluar dgn kitorang. kau memang wanita istimewa. haha. Lepas tu pungut faizul pulak. hehe. Then konon konon nak pergi bukit layang layang dkt kepong la, OU la macam macam di fikiran. dah sampai bt.caves jalan jam. Then patah balik amek faris pulak dan pergi ke WW. Kononkonon nak karok, tapi penuh pulak, saje tk bg kita semue tunjuk bakat -,-. haha. Lepas tu Abang zuber hati mulia belanja TF :) Terima kasih *gaya alleycats. Habis jugak la RM50++ :) Lepas tu cari burger then makan dekat taman rumah nazirah dgn kawan nigeria die :) gambargambar lepas tu bla. Walaupun hanya seketika tapi tetapppp mantap :) Happy Birthday Nazirah :) Sayang kau cikgu istimewa! haha


Hey guys :) It's been quite sometimes I haven't updating my blog. shame on me. Anywho, I'm officially working at sri sutra travel & tours now :) Well, not literally working la. Im just a practical student for three months which is from 10th Jan till 10th April. I just can't wait to get things done. It has been quite an interesting journey since i started working in this travel company. A lot of highs and lows but i know i can get thru it :) Wish me luck guys.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Siti Nurhaliza

She's the greatest singer ever :)
I'm her biggest fans and i'm proud of that.
Why should i be ashamed to admit that i adore her right?
There's nothing wrong with that. But you guys are SICK if you don't like her.
Just wanna share something that maybe you guys haven't seen yet :)
enjoy :)